The chicken yard is complete!

Finally we have a functioning chicken coop with yard! It is so nice to be able to let the chickens just roam around the yard, head back into the coop and outside again all on their own whim. Having this project done makes having chickens much, much easier!


The only  thing we are waiting for now is netting to keep the hawks out. That should be here in the next week or so and putting that up should be very simple. We’ve been watching the chicken in their yard now for a few days and I think they love it. When we would go put them away in the evening, we would have to herd them in and we wondered if they would ever go back in on their own. Then, last night there was a good little rain shower while we weren’t home and when we came back, all chickens were happy and warm inside the coop. This little coop and yard is working out nicely.

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