RV Living #2 | Dyson V6 Vacuum cleaner

Dyson V6One of the challenges that comes with living in an RV while we are working on getting our house built, is the limited space. Especially for necessities that when found in a common size are simply too big for us to keep and store in an RV. Vacuum cleaners are such an item. With the combination of carpet and linoleum in our RV, we need a decent vacuum to keep things clean. Little dust busters typically seem to disappoint and really are good for sucking up crumbs and dirt that you can see. We wanted more than what they offered. After some online research, and shopping around, we came up with what we thought would be the best solution. The Dyson V6. This little vacuum is incredible! It cleans carpet just as well and even better than a lot of full sized upright cleaners. Super compact, light and easy to store. This little vacuum fit the bill perfectly! Here’s a quick little video to show it to you. Enjoy!

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