At long last

Nope, no house rising from the earth yet, but still something very exciting. To us at least. 

Our chickens have laid their first eggs this week. Well, one of the chickens anyway. We have gathered 4 (only 3 at the time I took these pictures) little green eggs so far,  and we’re pretty sure they’re all from the same chicken. We actually had eggs three days in a row which quite surprised us. 

We had two hens from our very first group of eggs that we hatched. That being the case we should be getting more eggs from another one of those two in the next few days. And let me say it is about time! 

After all the work we’ve done building the coop, the yard and then the months of feeding and watering the chickens, and with winter coming on, the dark thoughts in the back of my head were starting to come to mind more and more. “Is it really worth all this work? Do chickens actually even lay eggs? Maybe we got the bad chickens that don’t lay eggs.” On and on these thoughts were coming to mind more frequently.

So I hope you can imagine the excitement that seeing one little green egg laying on the sawdust floor brought to us. That one little egg was a sign that the work was not a waste. But rather the start of the fruits of our labor.

They are quite small as compared to store bought eggs, but they are very tasty, fresh and completely chemical free. I know what these chickens ate because I fed them myself. I know the living conditions of these birds because I open their door and bring them outside every morning and lock them up safe every night. I trust these eggs and they bring us great satisfaction. 

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