Here’s a little tip for chopping firewood

With the wood burning stove in the sea-can shop, I’ve been going through firewood a lot faster that I had thought I would. I’ve burned up almost 3/4 of a cord already, and it’s been a mild winter. With lots of wood burning comes lots of wood chopping. I found a little trick that makes this job much quicker.

Wood chopping TipUse an old tire (I just used one from my ┬ápickup when I replaced the tires) and stand the wood you are chopping up in it. Make sure you get it nice and tight, and when you chop, it stays put. No flying firewood, and after you’re done chopping, gathering up all the pieces is a snap. I’m not overly big on little “tips and tricks” for the most part; and I really didn’t think this one would be as effective as it is. But it actually makes a big difference. Something I thought was worth sharing. Cheers!