Hockey in the off-season

Well, regular season might be over, but that doesn’t mean there is no hockey to be had. Actually, it’s pretty much as easy as pie to play year ’round, or to have your kids play year ’round. As Alan Jackson once said, “It just takes money.”

Some people still think that having your kids in spring hockey or summer hockey means that their kid is somehow a better player than “other” kids from his/her team. Nope. Not true. Not anymore. Now, anyone can pretty much make any off-season team if their parents are willing to fork out the cash to make it happen.

We take a different approach to the game. I want to give my kids all the help they can get when they are playing something they love so much. So during the regular season, we make sure they’re at every practice, have good performing and safe equipment, and we even get them into specialty sessions, camps and a little one on one training. But pretty much only during the regular season. Once hockey is over, it’s okay for it to be over for a while. Grass is turning green, the temperature is warming up and the days are getting longer. There are so many things that can be done outside now, and why waste this nice weather stuck in an arena if you don’t have to be. Okay, that sounds different than how I probably mean it. I love hockey. The game, the lifestyle, all of it. But, with anything that we really enjoy being a part of, it’s good to sometimes take a break. A little stroll in another direction for a while.

I’m looking forward to that part of the year right now. But, our one last kick at the cat is a fun little 3 on 3 tournament that is hosted by the Wheatland Athletics Association. It’s a great time (a little disorganized on the minor level of who get’s which dressing room etc…) and all in all a pretty fun weekend.

Both boys finished their semi-final games on the winning side and are going into Sunday playing for the tournament banner. Coby for PeeWee and Isaiah for Atom.

It’s really nice (and rare) that both boys play at the same arena, and even nicer that all games are here in Strathmore. Kind of makes for a nice little hockey wind-up weekend.

And, here’s the second video in the 30 day video challenge. It’s a vlog of yesterday’s hockey-centric activities.


2 thoughts on “Hockey in the off-season”

  1. Jeremy,

    I have to say I’m very impressed with what you and your family have accomplished. I totally would love to adopt your families kind of lifestyle but one problem… where does one begin?

    Like minded,


    1. Thanks Brian, I really appreciate it. I’m not exactly sure where to begin. I guess it depends on where you’re at when starting. The big thing that we focused on I starting this journey is what do we want out of life? My idea of the good life doesn’t line up with the “American Dream” we’ve been sold. Get up, go to work for some company, come home to our sub-urban home that looks just like everyone else’s does and that we’ll be paying mortgage on for 20+ years and end up hopefully able to retire and sit around till death calls our name. I want more of life, or at least different, than that.

      We started small and it begins with the mind. We put less priority on keeping up with the neighbors material possessions. Then put less concern about climbing the corporate ladder. Still, work hard, give your employer 100% while your at work, but realize that there is so much more to life than work.

      Ultimately it’s all just a frame of mind and looks different for everyone. Biggest thing I’d say, don’t let anyone else definition of a normal life be forced upon you. Make sure you’re moving to what it is that you agree with:)

      Sorry, that got a little long winded…

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