The Wranglerstar Knife Sharpener

The Wranglerstar Knife sharpener
The Wranglerstar knife sharpener

Last week I received the TSPROF knife sharpening system. The Wranglerstar kit. I’ve had a chance to look at it a bit and here are some initial impressions and a quick look at the sharpening system. It certainly looks promising, and I know a lot of you are probably thinking: but how does it compare to the Wicked Edge? Well, next week I’m going to do a sharpener shootout video comparing my 3 main systems. The paper wheels, the Wicked Edge and the TSPROF. In the mean time, check out this video on the TSPROF sharpening system.

Full disclosure, I received this sharpener free of charge from TSPROF however I was not told I had to review it and I am not being paid anything to show this. Cheers👍

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