Yesterday morning we woke up to the awesome surprise of two freshly born baby goats. Twins! Both boys and both really healthy and really cute. I never realized how tiny goats are when they are born. And, working with our baby cows so much lately makes these little goats seam almost miniature.

They look different but are indeed twins.
They look different but are indeed twins.
A brown kid with super tiny ears.
A brown kid with super tiny ears.
A white/blonde kid with super floppy ears.
A white/blonde kid with super floppy ears.

Now I think it’s time to go get some baby pyjamas. Cause that’s a thing you do with baby goats:)

Two and a half hours of video footage…gone.

This happened today. What a total flop, and so, so frustrating.

And this is a little video from last week for the boys school presentation.

Billy-Bobs special visitor

This is Billy-Bob Thorton. He's starting to remind me of a goofy adolescent boy.
This is Billy-Bob Thorton. He’s starting to remind me of a goofy adolescent boy.

Our Buck has a special friend staying for a while. It’s a she, and you can probably guess why she’s here. Yup. Some nice folks that live fairly close to us were trying to get their little goat Sadie, bred. We saw the ad and thought why not. Billy-Bob has been really acting like the boss of the pen and even sometimes a jerk. When we had first got him, he was last in command to our two does. They pushed him around and he only ate when they were done. Now that he has come into full (buck-hood?) he is the one in charge. It would actually be nice for us if he were to have his own pen. Maybe that will happen later this summer.

Billy-Bob is a real people loving goat also.
Billy-Bob is a real people loving goat also.
Meet Saddie. The kids new favourite goat.
Meet Sadie. The kids new favourite goat.

Anyway, the folks dropped off Sadie, and what a sweet little goat she is. Sounds weird saying that but she really is  one of the nicest goats I’ve ever seen. She more of a loving companion dog than a hoofed farm animal. The kids don’t want to have to give her back. Where Sadie lives there are no other goats, but rather a horse and a few cows. It’s funny to watch, when we let her free range, she goes straight to Trip (our quaterhorse colt) and stands between his legs. It’s either hanging out between Trip’s legs, or right on following right behind the kids, everywhere they go. Really a great personality.

She's quite a bit smaller than our goats
She’s quite a bit smaller than our goats

She’ll be here for about a month or so and it’ll be fun to have her around. Hopefully she’ll be a mom-to-be where she leaves our little farm. Or, maybe her owners will just let us keep her:)

Hyzing-ga! A new post


Well, we finally have internet out at the homestead. We’ve recored videos, edited videos, and then have no way to get them out onto the interwebs, it’s been a long silence from the homestead. But that is all changing right now as we have a massive pole (liberality 13′ above the roofline of our 5th wheel and I call it our lightning rod) that brings us a little closer to being connected without paying massive stupid dollars on our cell phone bills. Still, not the greatest internet connection around, but so far it’s reliable and wan’t take all of our saving to maintane.

With this new excited I made a rather long video to update y’all on what’s been happening. And in a way, it’s really not that much. It’s amazing how much anything is when it’s just you, just your family, just the people closest to you-the people you share a dinner table with every night, and it’s just us to do this work. I am amazed at what my wife can do, and is wiling to do. I’m talking heavy lifting, carrying, moving stuff, handling animals and things that a lot of good folks simply would not do. Including living in a 5th wheel. With 4 kids. And homeschooling. I’m saying even though it might not seem like there is not much progress, but when you’re doing everything with cash, on the cheap, and with the resources that you have at your immediate disposal (stuff you own) things might not go as quickly as a corporately funded or mortgage project. And we’re okay with that.  We are doing things we love. Learning things that are amazing. And the ability to slowly take it in, and begin to understand what is going on; it’s incredible.

It seems like we are living life in slow motion out here on the homestead as compared to our “American Dream” that we’ve brought up in. I still think time goes by too fast, but things are moving slower out here, but it’s because we’re making sure we are enjoying every moment, and taking it all in. I don’t care if our progress is slower than has ever been done before, we are living the life we love, and choose.