Goats are here!

Our little farm is growing with new critters. We picked up 3 goats last week. 2 Lamancha Nigerian cross does, and a Nigerian buckling. The two girls should be pretty decent milk producers, and the little buckling we will use to breed them once they’re bigger. The does are named Lucy (kids pick all the names of our animals and it was kind of named after seeing Lucinda Williams and the Calgary Folk Fest the weekend before) Sweetie (cause she’s the meanest of them) and our buckling is Billy Bob Thorton. Not sure why he got that name but I may have had some input. It just seemed fitting.


After getting them my father in law came over and we put up a fence, made it hot and then started on getting a shelter built. Here’s a video of some of the process and the almost finished project. Happy goat days ahead!

Caught up in the whirlwind…

…of moving. And getting our little piece of land a little more livable. So our blogging the adventure has been a little non existent. Add to that the fact that we have not got our power yet, and obviously we don’t have Internet either. Still, our apologies for not  posting as of lately. But, I’ve just hooked up a new app on the old iPhone and finally figured out how to get it all working. So, now we can blog from the boondocks! 

Today is a colder one (10C), steady rain and a strong wind. It kind of brings all outside work to a halt. Yesterday we were able to finish up the side on the chicken coop and get the flashing on the roof tied in. Water-tight just in time for all this rain.

The chickens are doing well and getting bigger. Steph built a few chicken tractors to get them out and about during the day. Next project is to fence in the chicken run and get a permanent setup for them to be outside and protected. 

Anyway, just a quick note letting you know we haven’t forgotten about this blog and sharing with you, just weren’t really able to for a while. But no, steadier posts will be coming. Cheers!